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I am always on the search for the best travel items. Here is a curated list of some of my favorite things for travel I am currently using.

Over the last 25+ years of traveling I have curated a list of my current favorite things for travel. You will find them separated by category below. These are all things I own and have used when I travel – many are always in my travel bag.


  • Clear Toiletry Bags – I couldn’t love these more. The wide gusset on the bottom allows them to stand up on their own. I have used these on many international trips – they are now a staple in my packing system.
  • Makeup Brush Case – This stands up on its own and is perfect for hotel rooms
  • Vanity Travel Mirror w/Lights – This has its own cover and is chargeable via USB


Family Travel


  • Silicone Luggage Tags – I love these bright orange luggage tags. They allow us to identify our luggage easily.
  • Compression Packing Cubes – these make packing so much easier
  • Foldable Duffel Bag – I took this to Vietnam when I thought I may need an extra bag coming back and it came in very handy! It even has a trolley sleeve on the back. I checked it and it still looks like new.

In Flight

  • Airplane Foot Rest – If you have never tried a travel foot rest before, I highly recommend it. I was traveling so much in economy on international flights that my knees would hurt so bad it was hard to walk – enter the foot rest- Game Changer! No more sore knees!
  • Compact Travel Blanket – This is an excellent travel blanket – we actually have 3 of these. It has snaps so you can snap it around you so it doesn’t fall off while you are sleeping.
  • Trtl Neck Pillow – One of the best neck pillows I have used
  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow – My husband bought me this neck pillow. I love it, but it takes up a of room when I travel so I don’t use it often. It is amazingly easy to bend it in any direction you want and it is very soft. It is great, if you have the space or if you have neck problems and need the flexible support.


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