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I am always on the search for the best travel items. Here is a curated list of some of my favorite things for travel I am currently using.

Over the last 25+ years of traveling I have curated a list of my current favorite things for travel. You will find them separated by category below. These are all things I own and have used when I travel – many are always in my travel bag.


  • Clear Toiletry Bags – Clear bags make getting through TSA checkpoints a breeze and I couldn’t love these more. Once I arrive, the wide gusset on the bottom allows them to stand up on their own so it is easy to put them on counters or desks. I have used these on many international trips – they are now a staple in my packing system.
  • Makeup Brush Case – This stands up on its own and is perfect for hotel rooms. It also keeps my makeup brushes clean (and my bag clean) as it zips fully closed.
  • Vanity Travel Mirror w/Lights – This has its own cover and is chargeable via USB. Often I find myself in hotel rooms, or trains where I need a mirror, but there is not one in a convenient location. Out comes this handy, lit mirror so I can take care of business!


As a woman traveling alone, travel security is very important to me. I have found a couple of products that are easy to take and give me some piece of mind when staying in rooms by myself.

  • Portable Door Lock for Travel – this will work on all kinds of hotel doors and makes it impossible to unlock the door without removing it.
  • Door Stop Alarm – This comes with me every time a travel alone. It is a simple door stop that will sound an alarm if/when someone opens the door. You have an option on how loud to make the alarm. I typically set it at the medium level.

Family Travel

Family travel comes with its own challenges. Here are a couple of items I have found that make it easier for us.

  • Family Passport Holder – This allows me to keep all 4 passports as well as our documents together when we travel as a family. It also has a wrist strap so I can keep it close by when checking in at cruise ports/airports or going through TSA.
  • Kids Travel Pillow and Eye Mask – Flights can be uncomfortable, especially for children who are not used to flying. My boys love these – not a necessity, but definitely a way to make the trip more fun and comfortable for them.


  • Silicone Luggage Tags – These bright orange luggage tags have been amazing. I pat myself on the bag every time I see our luggage with these tags. Can you love a luggage tag? — because I certainly love these! Easy to attach and comes with a whole set so you can be sure to tag ALL of your bags.
  • Compression Packing Cubes – I have used packing cubes for years, but these compression packing cubes are a total game changer. I can stack all of my clothes in these, zip it up and then zip the second “compression” zipper, minimizing the space my clothes take up. These make packing easy!
  • Foldable Duffel Bag – I took this to Vietnam when I thought I may need an extra bag coming back and it came in handy! This bag is durable and even has a trolley sleeve on the back. I checked it and it still looks like new.

In Flight

  • Airplane Foot Rest – If you have never tried a travel foot rest before, I highly recommend it. I was traveling so much in economy on international flights that my knees would hurt so bad it was hard to walk – enter the foot rest- Game Changer! No more sore knees!
  • Compact Travel Blanket – This is an excellent travel blanket – we actually have 3 of these. It has snaps so you can snap it around you so it doesn’t fall off while you are sleeping. I read that these are a flight attendant favorite so had to try them. I am sold!
  • Trtl Neck Pillow – One of the best neck pillows I have used and I have used them all. This is the one I keep going back to every time. It is easier to pack, light weight and allows me to get rest without falling forward when I sleep.
  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow – My husband bought me this neck pillow. I love it, but it takes up a of room when I travel so I don’t use it often. It is amazingly easy to bend it in any direction you want and it is very soft. It is great, if you have the space or if you have neck problems and need the flexible support. This also would be great to use in the car.


  • Universal International Power Plug Adapter – This is an essential when traveling to countries where the voltage is different. I like this adapter in particular because it has 3 USB ports and a Type C charger, making powering up my electronics a breeze.
  • Portable Magnetic Phone Charger w/Stand – I carry several portable chargers with me when I travel, so I don’t get caught with a dead phone. This one is great because the charger also acts as a stand.
  • Mini Mics – These are great if you are trying to get audio or doing interviews while traveling. They pic up terrific sound and are tiny, so easy to pack.

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